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Frühling, Festival, Freunde! Die Zeit ist gekommen, sich frisch zu machen, auszugehen, Spass zu haben, in der Sonne zu liegen, abzuschalten und zu entspannen. Point-Rouge liefert die passenden Produkte für deine bevorstehenden Abenteuer.
Starte deine Love Story mit dem gleichnamigen Duft von Chloé, rüste dich für das nächste Festival mit der Sonnenmilch von Biotherm oder werte dein Partyoutfit mit Make-Up von Yves Saint Laurent, Lancôme, Esteé Lauder, Clarins und Co. auf. Nagellacke in den tollsten Frühlingsfarben, wie die aus der Soft Shade Serie von Opi, oder ein klassisches Rot, wie von YSL, sorgen für das richtige Finish. Egal, welcher Anlass - Point-Rouge überlässt nichts dem Zufall. Sorgfältig ausgesuchte Beautyprodukte beflügeln dein Herz schon beim Einkauf. Klicke dich durch die Galerie und finde aus einer Auswahl von über 15.000 Artikeln deine neuen Frühlingsbegleiter für Tag und Nacht.

Meine Favoriten für den perfekten Frühlingslook bei Tag und Nacht findest du nach dem Klick..


The Woodberry Festival

The Woodberry Festival

It all began with an e-mail from Polyvore asking me to attend the Burberry Fashion Show in London and ended up with a bunch of pics, thoughts and stories I would so love to share with you in every single detail. Although I am short of time I'll try to give you at least an insight of my first impressions of the runway show itself.

When a genius is at work every single detail of every single thing happening stands to reason. So it was at the Burberry show, which I would like to call 'The Woodberry Festival'.
Starting with the invitation and its design that reminded me of a summer festival flyer - an exclusive one of course - right through to the live music by James Bay playing on his acoustic guitar and his rocking voice and the beautiful location that was built as a glass dome and plastered with colourful but translucent prints of flowers, birds and bees in the colours and prints of the collection, it all felt like a homogeneous unity. Even the faces of Burberry's current fragrance campaign, the queen and the princess of rock, Kate and Cara, perfectly fitted in this easygoing festival feeling.
The show began with James Bay's song 'Clocks go forward' and fresh light coloured looks. A sun yellow sequin skirt 'gold' shimmering (Look1) followed by a pale pink pleated dress (Look7) you would love to wear to a summer date with a boy you fell in love with on your first date at the Woodberry Festival… Birds chippering, the sun shining and the 'honeylovers' lying on the 'grassfields' looking up in the burberry printed sky, holding hands while he wispers 'close your eyes, let time fly, stay close, stay right here, nothing to fear'. And all of a sudden the colours of the collection turned into passionate red, burgundy and purple, as the couple fell in love. See-through dresses floated over the catwalk and made us dream of a hot summer night, at least me.
As excited as you would be on such a first date, I was when I heard that I would be invited to see the show live. I couldn't even sleep the night before.
The show continued with Bay's second song 'When we were on fire' and as the title says it made the lovers want to stand up and party with the whole crowd that was invited. A fancy futuristic printed party dress popped up in happy green and yellow with patent-leather bustier and sheer shoulder parts (look 24) while another dip dye transparent purple dress (Look 33) sprayed an authentic hippie flair. A vibrant green dip dye pleated one (Look 35) caught my eyes and, energized by all of the easy beezy atmosphere, I actually had to stand up, not to party but to take better pics. (You can see me on the youtube video, on the right side almost at the end of the runway with a beige fedora, dressed in all white jumping up and down with my cam hooked to my face, around minute 9:25). Important to add: you couldn't spot any heels at all, just comfy colourful Bur-kenstocks and sneakers you would choose to wear for a long summer open air party.

I could write all night long, but I have to come to an end. The entire show left no 'scars' but loads of satisfaction. Thanks to Burberry for the opportunity to experience a show designed and organised by such professionals. And thanks to Polyvore for choosing me out of millions to be the community correspondent. 'Take me back to where it was before when we were on fire.'

You should definitely watch the youtube video and listen to the music while reading!


My Outfit, London Fashion Week

And this is what I wore for the Topshop Unique Fashion Show in London yesterday. Ganni teddy coat, Stella McCartney men's pants, Saint Laurent Tribute sandals and Moujik bag and a fedora from my own store, all in different shades of pale pink/blush/nude whatever.

Thanks Polyvore for choosing me out of millions to be your Community Correspondent. And thanks Topshop for having me.

First two pics by CHRISTIAN from THE STYLEOGRAPH!!! Follow him for more great street style pics!